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Robertas J.

I am glad I have found ISE. They got me good express price, the communication was smooth and fast and my shipment was delivered without any hassle from my side.

Robertas J. (Lithuania)

Allen L.

I really feel Cargo from China is reliable, efficient and extremely informative. I really value companies that make an effort to answer you very promptly and with detailed answers so you can understand everything that’s going on. This company does that. CFC has done an outstanding job in delivering my goods on a timely manner and has provided great value for the price charges for their service. I originally tested them out on small shipments of only 500 units of soft goods to USA, but now I’m moving into 4000 units of hard goods as they have demonstrated to me that they can handle my goods professionally. I have high confidence in this company and would recommend this company to anyone whom is seeking to have professional freight forwarding from China and abroad.

Allen L. (Canada)

Richard H.

Thank you so much. Excellent service and reasonable price. In the future I will always use “Cargo From China” and I will highly recommend you to all our associates.

Richard H. (Thailand)

David K.

I found your site earlier and wanted to let you know that the information you have provided is the best I found so far. Very clear and helpful in explaining international shipping options. And of course, eveything goes well with our following shipments. I will stick to you guys.

David K. (USA)

Tyler F.

Dear Cargo From China, I wanted to write a positive note regarding your service. I appreciate not only the service of shipping our product to us in a timely manor, but also your ability to communicate quickly and thoroughly with us. I would no doubt recommend your service to anyone looking for a dependable shipper like yourselves. Thank you

Tyler F. (USA)

Madhu T.

I have read all the information given in your site. Thank you for your valuable information, specially like me guys who are starting newly international trade. My first two orders had arrived. Will get back to you with bigger order soon.

Madhu T. (Romania)

Cavan L.

If you want to get more control about your shipments, and save more cost, Cargo From China is a so good choice.

Cavan L. (Canada)

Jan S.

I feel like CFC is working just for us. No matter what time is, there always be a real instant response. Thank you for taking good care of our shipments. Cheers.

Jan S. (Australia)


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